Why you should buy a retractable cord reel

by Patrick Nelson

It is time you finally got rid of all that clutter of wires in your home and bought a retractable cord reel. A retractable cord reel is a smart buy for your home, an office, or similar spaces. It is essential in areas where you use a lot of equipment, either computers or power tools, and constantly push a chunk of wires aside to create room for other activities. Apart from making a room look aesthetically pleasing and organized, retractable cord reels have other uses that make up many reasons why you should look into getting one.

How do retractable cord reels work?

Their primary function is to ensure you don’t have that extra length of cable you do not need lying around. They help hide that unneeded stretch of wires, leaving cable connections to the power input of devices taut and aesthetically satisfying.

Retractable cord reels use a mechanical engineering mechanism known as ratcheting. A ratcheting mechanism’s working principles are simple to grasp, and you don’t need an engineering degree to understand it. A ratchet mechanism consists of a teethed wheel and a pawl to hold the wheel in place. That is why you can wheel out the cable in a retractable cord reel, and the pawl inside can help you keep the wire at the length you need it to be. They are a technological marvel that is both simple and effective.

Why do you need one?

Here are reasons why you need to fork out money for a retractable cord reel:

Self-winding mechanism

Cord reels can be separated into two basic types; one where you have to rewind the cable into its storage compartment manually. Another is where the cable automatically winds into the cable if nothing obstructs it. The presence of a self-winding mechanism in the retractable type makes it so valuable to have around. Once you do not have the need for a cable connection anymore, you can unplug it, turn off the self-stop feature and watch the cable beautifully retract into its home.

Limitation by Distance

With a retractable cord reel, you are no longer obligated to be near a power outlet. Manufacturers of electronic equipment package devices with short power cables mainly because of the cost overhead of making the wires longer. Short-length lines force you to set up your workstation in a place closest to a wall socket. Retractable frees you up from the burden of having to set up in a space that isn’t necessarily auspicious enough to raise your productivity levels. You can stay over 100 feet from a wall outlet if you so please, and that is without also having to worry about wires cluttering up the place.


A retractable cord reel might seem like something you do not need at first. You may think it would be a waste to spend over fifty dollars to make a room less cluttered with wires. When you do try one, you will discover how useful a retractable cord can be in your everyday life.

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