Things To Do When Installing Your Hose Reel

by Patrick Nelson

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Tips for properly installing your hose reel

The way you install your hose reel is greatly dependent on the type of hose reel and its mounting technique. The most popular mounting process for hose reels is wall-mounting. However, regardless of the mounting mode and the hose reel style, the process is quite simple. The tips mentioned below will help make it simpler and foster better installation.

1. Ensure that you have the correct tools for the process

One of the most important things you should do before you start installing your hose ree is collecting the right tools for the procedure. You will need a pair of pliers, a drill, and a screwdriver set. Note that you must ensure that the screwdrivers are compatible with the screws on your hose reel. Gathering these tools beforehand will make the process swift. You will not have to worry about stopping in between the process to look for devices. Additionally, the right tools will prevent damaging components of the hose reel in the process.

2. Be keen on the mounting location

Another tip for properly mounting your hose reel is choosing the best installation spot. The most common installation spots are the floor, ceiling, and wall. Note that the mounting location dramatically depends on your hose reel style. It would be wise to consider your application area, the length of your hose reel, and the safety of the products.

Additionally, ensure that you choose a location that is easy to drill during the installation process. Avoid areas of your house or compounds where significant damages could occur during the mounting process. For instance, steer clear of drywall as it cannot withstand the drilling process and the weight of the hose reel and hose.

3. Understand the components of the hose reel

Understanding the various components and how they work will significantly help with the mounting process. Most of the time, the instruction manual for mounting and attaching the hose reel usually includes the names of the components. Therefore not knowing the features will make the process very difficult. You may also end up placing the components in the wrong places. It would be wise to research the components beforehand to go through the mounting procedure effortlessly.

4. Read through the instruction manual entirely, then follow it step by step

Most, if not all, manufacturers provide instruction manuals with their products. When you receive your product, the first thing you should do is reading through the entire manual. Doing this will help you know the tools you need and understand the process before you start it.


Following the tips mentioned will make the process easier and faster. They will also help you ensure that there are no issues with the installation process. Note that failing to install your hose reel properly may influence its performance and the safety of your hose reel.

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