What Contributes To Personalized Necklace Pricing

by Patrick Nelson

There are many different necklaces with different designs in the market. The various designs, such as those available at https://www.ineffabless.de/personalisierte-halsketten/kette-mit-bild.html, have different prices. Distinguishing the best based on the pricing can be a difficult task. The personalized necklace is one of the necklace designs that are currently trending in the market. It comes in different designs and at different prices. The article’s purpose is to inform you on what affects the personalized necklace price.

What affects the personalized necklace price

1. Materials used

Some materials are more expensive than others. For example, a necklace made of gold is more expensive than that made of silver. Also, some may add a few carats of diamond for the personalized necklace, therefore making it more expensive. The cheaper the material used, the cheaper the necklace will be. The more expensive the materials used is, the more costly the necklace will be. In the market, you can find the type of personalized necklace you need depending on your budget.

2. Customization

A customized necklace can cost more than one which is not. Customization involves getting a necklace based on your design. It can also include personal attributes such as; adding a name, a quote, or even a picture. Recently, customized necklaces have increased in demand and popularity. The customization contributes to necklace pricing.

3. Shipping cost

If you have purchased a personalized necklace, there may be some additional shipping costs involved. However, some companies can offer a waiver, for example, the free shipping cost provided for items purchased over a certain amount.

4. Handmade pieces

Machine-made pieces are cheaper than handmade ones; because machines can make many pieces at a go. The handmade pieces need special attention with a specific person in mind. The handmade necklaces are a little expensive than the machine-made ones. The assurance that one gets from the handmade piece is the uniqueness of the item.

5. Time taken to personalize the necklace

The time is taken to personalize a necklace also matters a lot when it comes to pricing. Some designs are complex and therefore need a lot of time and care to create. The more complex the design is, the more time it will take to create, but creating less complex designs takes less time. The saying that time is money can translate into saving time, which means more room for making more jewelry. Therefore, the less time-consuming it is to make jewelry, the more affordable it will be, and the opposite is true.

6. Jewelry design

Simple designs fetch at a lower price, while complex design fetches at a higher price. The simple design is easy to make and does not take much time; therefore, you will find them affordable.

Various methods to personalize necklace

With different metal options, you can personalize a necklace by selecting a metal that suits you best. The metal can include; copper, rose gold, silver, white gold, and yellow gold. Here are a few methods to personalize your necklace.

  • Engraving text in your necklace
  • Including a photo; this is mostly done in lockets
  • Adding unique pendants
  • Customizing the chain


You can find all types of personalized necklaces in the market, depending on your budget. Personalizing necklaces is a trend that is growing extremely. The most common is the lockets.

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