The Applications Of Hose Reels In Various Applications

by Patrick Nelson

Hose reels are primarily known for their storage function. However, there is more to hose reels than storage of hoses. They are also used for protecting the hose reel from damages caused by issues like kinking. In this post, we look at the various hose reel applications.

Applications of hose reels

Numerous industries require cords, wires, cords, and hoses for various purposes. In most of these industries, hose reels are applied. However, the most common applications are in areas where hoses are used. Below are some of these applications;

1. Small scale and large scale agriculture

One of the most common areas where hose are applied is gardening. In this area, water hoses are used for watering plants and cleaning gardening tools, to name a few. These products are applied both in small-scale and large-scale farming or gardening. This includes at-home gardening purposes. As mentioned earlier, any situation where hoses are applied also requires the use of hose reels. In this case, the hose reels are used for storage, organization, and safety.

2. Military

In the military, hose reels are applied for a wide range of reasons. It is also worth mentioning that different types or designs of hose reels are used. This is because hoses are used for various military applications. For instance, hoses are used for fuel delivery and water delivery.

In addition, hose reels are used for storing the hoses used in the applications mentioned above. It is also worth noting that military hose reels are also applied for cable storage other than hoses. Regardless of the application, military hose reels are usually constructed using the best materials. This is to ensure that they are rugged and durable. These elements help the products to withstand the harsh usage and the stresses they have to endure. For this reason, the products are usually tested and approved by the government before they are used in the military.

3. Firefighting

Water hoses are at the core of the firefighting practice. In this area, hose reels are usually designed to handle high-pressure applications. This is because firefighting hoses are usually subjected to up to several thousand psi. Therefore, firefighting hose reels are typically built to be indestructible, corrosion and rust-resistant.

4,Drain cleaning

In drain cleaning, high-pressure hose reels are the most commonly applied type of hose reel. This is because the hoses applied in drain cleaning are also usually high-pressure. Therefore, these hose reels are applied since they can withstand the pressure applied.

Additionally, hose reels are also usually applied with sewer jetters. Sewer jetters are high-pressure devices used to shoot a stream of water to remove blockages and clogs. More often than not, the jetters are usually mounted on the hose reel. This helps ensure easy access to the jetter hoses.


Several other industries apply various types of hose reels. Note that the type of application determines the construction of the hose reel applied. For this reason, a garden hose reel cannot be applied in the place of a firefighting hose reel. Some manufacturers dedicate themselves to creating a particular type of hose reel, while some develop a wide range of products.

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