Are Human Hair Wigs Worth Spending On?

by Patrick Nelson

When acquiring different hair wigs, the price of human hair wigs always leads to the question, “is this wig worth it?”. To answer this question, this article is written to highlight why acquiring a human hair wig is a good investment and the right choice at that.

Here are reasons why human hair wigs are worth spending on:

  1. Durability: Human hair wigs are made of real human hairs. Hence, they contain naturally occurring nutrients that give it strength, flexibility, resistance, and longevity. All these traits enable the wig to act like human hair and withstand harsh temperatures and pressure (stress/strain).

Human hair wigs have a lifespan of 3-5years with proper maintenance. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs do not last that long. They have a lifespan of within 3-6 months with constant use and proper maintenance. This quality makes the human hair wig a worthy commodity to spend on.

  1. Appearance: Most individuals who use wigs prefer it to look as natural as it can. Human hair wigs enable the achievement of this feat. The human hair-like properties of the wig give its user a very natural appearance. The wig looks to retain the biological qualities of human hair, and it does not take long to style. Moreover, it blends in so well, giving the discrete and beautiful appearance needed.
  1. Styling: Synthetic hairs are not designed to bear the stress, which makes it difficult to apply different styles to one wig. Over time, the wig breaks or can no longer accept any other style. Furthermore, synthetic hair wigs are designed in one style and maintain that style till expiry. This means you have to buy several wigs if you want to appear in different styles. Thankfully, human hair wigs are very much different. The human hair-like trait of these wigs makes it possible for one wig to be styled in different ways without fear of breaking or damaging.
  1. Human hair wigs are lightweight and breathable: The human-like nature of this wig makes it an ideal pick for any weather and time of the year. It retains adaptive properties that make it conducive for rainy, hot, and cold days. Another area of focus is its weight: human hair wigs weigh less so they do not feel like a burden and feel much like your biological hair. Unlike synthetic hair wigs, the material these wigs are made of weighs less, which makes them worth spending on.
  1. The ideal choice for people with insufficient hair: The simplicity and efficiency of this wig make it best suited for people with hair conditions. Half capped human hair wigs blend efficiently when used with hair combs and pins


The bottom line is that human hair wigs are worth spending on. With proper care, the need to replace a wig twice a year is eliminated. It also enhances and allows you to wear different looks with just one wig. In a way, Human hair wig is spending more now to avoid spending way more in the future.

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