There Are Several Designs Of Pepper Spray You Should Know About

by Patrick Nelson

With the increasing crime rate, wholesale pepper spray has become an essential weapon for a woman. Pepper spray contains Oleoresin capsicum which is a derivative of hot peppers. It has a strong effect on the eyes and lasts up to 45 minutes, giving the victim ample time to save herself. It is a non-lethal but instant effective product usually found in the purse of every woman.

There is a wide variety of pepper spray types like foggers, gel, foam, and steam. If you buy these products for your shop, you will surely get high-quality within affordable prices.

Pepper Sprays Are Available In Several Forms

There are pepper sprays for every purpose. A person can carry them in their purse, in their car, in their pocket, or how so ever they want because they come in different designs. Some of these designs are:

1. In The Form Of Keychains

There are pepper sprays that have keychains and can be put with the other keys. It is easy to carry and use as and when required. This spray design is widely used because of its easy usage. A person doesn’t have to juggle in their purse to find out the right weapon and delay the response time. The pepper spray in the form of keychains comes in wide varieties. There are huge designs in this category that look chic and classy. It is a fashionable weapon that fulfills both purposes.

2. In Spray Can

Spray can pepper sprays are used for a long time by women. It is a common, but the successful design of pepper spray. A pepper spray can is useful because it is easy to use for self-defense. It has more quantity of pepper spray that a person needs to use when attacked. Spray cans have many prints and styles that look stylish. The person has to make sure that they spray the can in a windy area where the product scatters, otherwise, it could hit you back.

Why Buy Pepper Spray In Wholesale?

1. Cheapest Prices

If you buy pepper sprays wholesale, you will get some great deals. The prices of the sprays wholesale are cheaper and sometimes the cheapest. It is best to buy wholesale to avail the affordable prices rather than buying the individual sprays.

2. Saves Time

If you buy the pepper sprays in bulk quantity once, then you don’t have to run again to the wholesaler to purchase the sprays. The sprays will work for a longer period and this way you get more time to spend on other activities of your retail store.

3. Great Variety

You will always find a wide variety of wholesale products. Factory distribution chains often provide the products first to the wholesale market. This gives you the privilege to showcase those unique items at your store. Due to the large variety, you have more options to access in terms of quality, price, etc.

4. Better Coverage

The wholesale market has a better reach to any place in the world. They have good logistics everywhere. So, if you think the wholesaler might not reach your area, think again. They can reach any corner and provide you with the best products.

5. Online Orders

Internet is a boon for both wholesalers and retailers. This has given them ease of business. They both can contact each other via the internet and talk about the terms and conditions. It is a quick process.

Where To Buy Wholesale Pepper Sprays? is the best website to buy products wholesale. They have the cheapest prices and great coverage. You can always contact them because they have strict inspections for quality control which makes them trustworthy. Low minimum order quantity and drop shipping services are some of the benefits that It provides you.


Plenty of websites are present in the market, but eases the trading process between the wholesaler and the retailer. It is best to buy pepper sprays from them because they provide a wide variety of trendy designs.

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