How To Measure Your Dog’s Bandana Size

by Patrick Nelson

Dog scarves or bandanas provide aesthetic value to your dog, and a beautifully patterned bandana around your dog’s neck is guaranteed to draw attention wherever you go.

Apart from the aesthetic value that bandanas provide, they provide warmth to your dog during cold weather and protect your dog from sunburn when you are out on walks. It can also be used to warn other dog owners or passersby of sensitive information about your dog.

For example, if you have a blind dog or a dog that doesn’t like strange human touch, specific bandanas can inform others beforehand. A cute bandana can also make a friendly dog who looks scary appear friendly to outsiders.

However, there are certain things you need to consider before getting a bandana for your dog. One of them is the size of the bandana. You cannot get a large-sized bandana and tie it around the neck of a Chihuahua; it would cause discomfort during movement. If it is too small, it can cause irritation, difficulty in breathing, and even choke them. To get the right size for your dog’s bandana, all you will need is a soft metric tape and the following steps:

  • Start between the shoulder blades on your dog’s back, specifically when the back starts. It is also the place where the collar sits comfortably. If you are confused about where the shoulder blades are, run your fingers down the dog’s neck until you feel two bones just over the front legs.
  • Place one end of the tape at the base of your dog’s neck, then take the tape around, under the chin, till the two ends of the tape meet.

Remember that the base of the neck is where the neck meets the back.

  • When that is done, write the number you get down.

Things to take note of when measuring:

  • Allow the end of the tape when you take it around to overlap. This ensures that there is enough space when measuring so your dog doesn’t feel too much pressure that will cause discomfort.

Add six or seven centimeters for a perfect fit.

  • If your dog is very hairy, when measuring, pull the tape a little bit tight but not so tight that it puts pressure on your dog’s neck. This is because you want the bandana to show when tied rather than be hidden beneath the fur.
  • Where your dog has lots of rolls, measure the widest part of the neck and be careful not to let the tape sit between any of the rolls. If this happens, the size of the bandana you get will end up being too small.
  • You can distract your dog with treats if they refuse to sit still or get an assistant to hold your dog in place. Remember that dogs can be restless creatures, and staying in one position for a long time can make them frustrated. So, be calm during the whole process.


It is always crucial that you measure your dog’s neck before buying your designed bandana, whether it is from an online store or a pet store. If you are confused about the measurement and not sure if yours works, you can look up measurements of bandanas online or ask your local pet store for advice.

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