5 Tips on How to Style a Jumpsuit

by Patrick Nelson

One of the most iconic yet the hardest to pull-off fashion outfits is, without a doubt, a jumpsuit. However, many women avoid wearing it as one wrong accessory or fit, and the jumpsuit will go from being vogue to being rejected. For this reason, it becomes absolutely necessary to learn how to style a jumpsuit.

This one-piece garment is a multi-occasional style but is often treated as formal wear. The colors in this regard play an important role. Where red jumpsuit is best to go to bold events in, a white jumpsuit would be perfect for a formal or semi-formal occasion, and so on. Let’s look at the various types of events where a jumpsuit would be your ideal fit.

When You Should Wear a Jumpsuit

Formal Occasions

it’s hard for most women to comprehend that dress is not the only option; a jumpsuit can be just as stylish or even more. It won’t only make you stand out in the crowd but also make people admire your fashion sense.

While you would consider dress as your safe and comfortable choice, you should step out of your comfort zone once in a while. Just choose the correct accessories, and you’re good to go.

Casual Occasions

Jumpsuits can also be your everyday fit to step out of jeans and shirts. For casual wear, they are available in various fabrics, from cotton to denim and more. You can also wear flats, sandals, or even cropped style boots to create an overall pleasing and balanced look.

Tips To Style a Jumpsuit

To create a chic and attractive look, you need to invest a good amount of thoughts in accessorizing the jumpsuit. You should pay special attention to shoes, jewelry, belt, and bag.

The Perfect Fit

The key point to looking your best is choosing the right size to enhance your appearance. You need to go for a jumpsuit that is neither too big that will overwhelm your body nor too small to make you uncomfortable.

A Striking Belt

Adding a belt is an intelligent yet stylish way to turn a rectangular silhouette into an hourglass. Although you could add the same color belt as your jumpsuit, using contrasting colors will give a more defined and attractive look. If you’re going for a different color belt, try matching the color with your shoes to create balance.

Pair Jumpsuit with a Blazer

When you pair your jumpsuit with a blazer, you broaden the scope of the outfit. With your new subtle style, you could then wear it to formal evening meals, cocktail parties, and other events.

Jewelry with Solid Colors

If you’re going for a solid color jumpsuit, your outfit will look too plain and simple unless you wear jewelry. Jewelry helps create a secondary focal point, creating an interesting detail that will draw attention.

But you’re not only restricted to wearing jewelry with block-colored jumpsuits. While chunky necklaces would look great on single-colored jumpsuits, large earrings would be best with patterned jumpsuits.

Dramatic Heels

Jumpsuits tend to make you appear shorter than you actually are, especially if you’re wearing one with wide legs and a low waist. However, you easily combat this problem by wearing heels. Just don’t go for chunky or block heels, as they won’t look good with your slick outfit.

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