A Buying Guide On How To Buy Moissanite Loose Stones Online

by Patrick Nelson

The online market is currently filled with many cons and pros. Therefore, if you are looking forward to buying a loose stone, it is essential not to fall for the simulated gemstones in the market. The widespread scammers have resulted in the spread of fake stones in the market. But some suitable suppliers sell quality stones like the moissanite loose stone, which are quality. Therefore, given that many gemstones suppliers are in the market, applying caution during purchase is essential. This post, therefore, aims to update you on the six main factors to consider before you buy moissanite loose stones online.

Six factors to consider before you buy moissanite loose stones online

1. Cut quality

A loose stone’s cut is responsible for its brilliance and beauty. Therefore, it is essential to carefully look at the gemstone’s cut to ensure you buy one that showcases the stone’s brilliance. Furthermore, a proper cut should ensure that the stone is well proportioned. The cut also determines whether the stone is square, rectangle, triangle, pear, rough, marquise, and several other shapes. The trendy cuts currently available in the market include; princess, mixed, brilliant, step, branded, and radiant. Therefore, before you buy your stones online, ensure you know the type of cut you want and that the cut is well proportioned.

2. Supplier’s certification

If you plan to buy the loose stones online, it is essential to confirm that the supplier is certified. It is because fake scammers and suppliers exist in the online space. The fake suppliers may not be certified. Additionally, the certificate is proof that the supplier is certified by various government agencies such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or GRA. The certifications prove that the supplier complies with the laboratory standards that ensure quality.

3. Research about the different gemstones

There are different gemstones available in the market; they may go up to 15. Therefore, if you are buying a stone online, it is essential to know of the different stones in existence to avoid confusion about what you want. Familiarizing yourself with a particular stone will prevent you from getting duped or buying the wrong one.

4. Carat

Carat determines the weight of the loose stone. The standard carat measurement is usually by points. For example, two carats are expressed as 200 points. Therefore, before you purchase online, you can check the moissanite loose stone’s carat points.

5. Check the reviews

When buying gemstones online, it is vital to check the reviews. Customer feedback can help you know whether other customers were satisfied with the stones bought. Furthermore, customer feedback will inform you of the moissanite loose stone’s service delivery, payment, and quality.

6. Color

Determining the gemstone’s color from your computer may be difficult. Furthermore, some suppliers use color enhancers on the stones. Therefore, if you wish to buy the moissanite loose stone online, ensure to call the supplier or check the website for the color used.


Buying any gemstones online may be a little daunting, especially with the many suppliers present. There have been cases where people bought fake stones. Therefore, if you wish to derive satisfaction from your stone, ensure to research more about gemstones in order to pick the right one.

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