What Kind Of Dreadlock Extensions Are There?

by Patrick Nelson

Dreadlock extensions have a signature charm to them. They are super versatile as you can make them work without any last-minute styling. But not everyone has the required hair length to make their favorite dread hairstyle. Here, dreadlock extensions provide the solution.

Although there are different dreadlock extensions, the most popular are the micro dread ones. These don’t need adhesives but rather use “micro beads” for installing the strands.

Different Kinds of Dreadlock Extensions Available In the Market

Human Hair Dreads

Human hair dreads are free from chemical alteration. These dreadlock extensions are easier to maintain and style. However, they demand more upfront as they are obtained from available sources and not synthesized.

Human hair dreadlock extensions are the best fit for permanent and semi-permanent extensions as they last for years. Moreover, they require minimum maintenance. You can easily carry your regular hair routine, and the extensions will preserve their charm and luster.

Virgin Hair Dreads

Next comes the virgin hair dreadlock extensions. As the name explains, these LOC extensions don’t go through any processing. The similarity between virgin and human extensions creates confusion. How are human hair and virgin hair dreadlocks different? Well, the difference lies in their sources. Human hair extensions can come from anywhere. Even hair wastes in salons!

In contrast, the virgin dreadlock extension comprises hair obtained from volunteers. Usually, they come from religious people who donate their hair before committing to religion. On the plus side, virgin extensions are ideal for permanent extensions and are easily colorable. However, they demand an extremely high upfront.

Remy Hair Dreads

The Remy dreadlock hair extensions have intact follicles and run in a single direction. Therefore, they have the most natural look. Remy hair extensions don’t require maintenance after installation. They behave like natural hair.

Synthetic Dreads

Synthetic dreadlock extensions, of course, use synthetic materials. However, they are artificial but offer excellent quality and versatility. Moreover, they are more affordable and accessible than other dreadlock extensions. Ensure that you only use them temporarily as prolonged use may cause scalp irritation.

Wool Dreads

The last kind of dreadlocks you’ll find are the wool dreadlocks. They are rarely used and don’t provide the most real texture—however, people like them for their funky colors.

Expert Recommendations for Installing Dreads

Dreadlock extensions fall into different categories. Another aspect in which one dreadlock extension varies from the other is the length; although, the customizations in styles are endless. But there are some preliminaries you must ensure to get your dream look.

Dreadlock hair extensions have different lengths. Commonly you’ll find dreads from short to extra-long lengths. However, longer extensions require some natural hair length as well. For instance, if you want to go with the extra-long extensions, experts recommend having natural hair at least 6 inches long. Exceptions are possible in other cases but they won’t provide the ideal look.

The Bottom Line

Dreadlock extensions are a quick fix when you are in for a new trendy hairstyle. Since, the market floods with variations; therefore, knowing the ins and outs is vital for picking a suitable option.

Like other hair extensions, dreads are available in human, virgin, Remy, and synthetic hair. Each kind has its positives and negatives. But experts like to go with human hair dreads as they go easy on the customer’s end and provide a natural look.

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