Expert Tips to Look After Your Garden Hose Reel

by Patrick Nelson

If you want to increase the lifespan of your garden hose reel, then you need to know some basic maintenance tips. Also, you need to know how to hook up properly.

Hooking Up a Garden Hose Reel

Most High-Quality garden hose reels on the market come with feeder hoses. This is where you need to connect to the spigot. In this way, the center of your reel can freely spin and pull away from the hose when you want to store it. It is advisable to fit your feeder hose on available faucets, which are usually included. If you need to attach the hose timer, attachments, and water filter, make sure you hook up the feeder.

When using a wall-mounted garden hose reel, it is advisable to attach it to the wall or surface and fix it securely. Ensure you pay attention to weight-bearing locations and studs. Remember that the hoses are very heavy, particularly when they contain water.

If your reel does not come with a feeder hose, then you need to install it. Use the hose guide and guide it accordingly to attach it. However, if you are using an automatic model, you should push the button to retract it.

Basic Maintenance Tips

Check O-Rings

It is advisable to check for any defective O-ring and replacement it. Make sure you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer’s website. You can detach your hose reel by using the screwdriver, removing bolts, and the shield. After this, you can install a new O-ring.

Avoid Cross-Threading

When attaching your hose to the leader hose or faucet, you should avoid cross-threading. That is because cross-threading can cut the water system threads resulting in leakage.

Draining the Water

Make sure you drain water out of the garden hose and reel before you store it. This is especially important during winter where the water inside the hose can freeze up and damage the hose.

Proper Storage

When storing the garden hose reel, you need to follow the recommendations from the manufacturer. Usually, you are required to disassemble the reel, clean it, and spray it with a clear coat to prevent rusting. If you decide to store it outdoors, then you need to detach it from the faucet, remove attachments or nozzles, and remove all water from the hose and reel. You should avoid placing your reel in direct sunlight or harsh weather as it can get damaged.

Replacing Gaskets

When it is time to replace the rubber gasket, make sure you use silicone grease. It is normal for gaskets to dry out. It is advisable to get new rubber gaskets at the start of a new season.


You need to wind up your garden hose properly when you are done with watering. Make sure you clean it well and avoid using harsh chemicals. The manual hose reel uses a mechanical arm system, whereas the automatic or retracting system features a spring-loaded system. The manual heel suits longer hoses and larger areas, whereas the automatic is meant for small and medium-sized gardens. Notwithstanding the method, the reel should be safely tucked away in the box.

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