What Are The Five Types Of Evening Dresses For Women?

by Patrick Nelson

Many designers love designing different types of evening dresses for women. Thus, if you are looking for a perfect choice, be sure to note that you will not lack one that matches you perfectly. Additionally, you can read online about evening dresses. This post aims to inform you of the different types of evening dresses for women in the market.

The different types of evening dresses for women

1. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are very trendy dresses. They represent ankle-length dresses. Additionally, the maxi dress is commonly worn during informal events.

2. Cocktail dresses

A cocktail dress can be worn for a party. It is generally short in length. The short size provides one with ample room for dancing. Therefore, if you are planning for a night out of fun, the cocktail dress is the right dress for you. Also, every woman should have a cocktail dress in their closet. The dress adds a feisty feeling to the wearer, thus, help in giving off the movie star moments. Additionally, the cocktail dress can be worn during fancy gatherings like black-tie balls.

3. Jacket dresses

The jacket dress consists of a gown or a cocktail dress that comes with a jacket. The jacket dresses are currently being considered elegant dresses.

4. Mermaid gowns

The mermaid gowns are pretty enchanting. Its shape is meant to establish an ethereal look. The gown is form-fitting; thus, it hugs one’s body length from their bust to their knees. From the knees downwards, the dress flares out into a skirt. The differentiation between a mermaid gown and a fitted or flared gown is that the mermaid gown only flares below the knees.

5. Fit evening dresses

Fit evening dresses are form-hugging. That is, the dress is tight from top to bottom. Its fitness is designed to showcase one’s body shape well. For those with an hourglass shape, the fit evening dress is perfect for them. Additionally, the fit evening dress can be worn during both formal and informal evenings.

6. Ballgown

Ball gowns, as the name suggests, are best worn during balls. That is army balls, debutante balls, wedding balls, society balls, and many other types of balls. The ball gown is usually dramatic. It is fit from the top to the waist, and from the waist downwards, it has a skirt. Ball gowns usually offer fairytale moments.

7. A-line evening dress

The A-line evening dress is slimmer-looking. The dress is designed to develop a fabulous A-shape silhouette. It consists of a fitted bodice structure from the waist to the hips. The dress’s skirt widens to ensure a beautiful form is attained.

8. Midi dress

The midi dress is part of the dresses that are currently trending. The evening dress length size reaches up to one’s mid-calf. The midi dress comes in several colors, but among the trendy is the animal print midi dress.


There are many types of evening dresses available in the market. The many types of evening dresses ensure that one gets whatever type they feel like it. As long as you get comfortable, then picking a suitable evening dress is easy.

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