The Right Process to Pressure Wash a Car

by Patrick Nelson

Cars are exposed to a lot of dirt, including dust, bird droppings, amongst other dirt options, and it can be very frustrating. Most people are used to using some natural means to wash their car like waiting for rainfall to do some magic. Others take out paint to use their bare hands and soap to clean the car. Whichever one you choose, washing your car manually is never an interesting choice. Imagine having to take time out to wash each part of the car and in a matter of minutes, you start noticing some animal droppings on the car. That has to be one of the most annoying procedures to take. Apart from the fact that you may not exactly enjoy the process of washing the car with your hands, it is not an effective method. Your hands do not have the required force needed to crush some of the dirt in the car. A pressure washer is probably the easiest way to wash the car.

Globally, everyone wishes their car stays as new as when they bought it. No one will find a car with different scratches on the body attractive. If you want your car to remain lovely, you should ensure that you clean it from time to time. Leaving dirt and scratches on your car’s surface will only ensure that the car will have unwanted patterns over time. Using the pressure washer to clean your car not only speeds up the cleaning process, but also ensures a more effective washing procedure. However, you need to ensure you are pressure washing the right way. Your car is mostly a delicate material that you do not want to get spoiled or have unnecessary dents on the body. The main part of using a pressure washer is understanding the type of car, pressure washer, and nozzle for use. This article will explain what you can do to wash your car with a pressure washer

Always use the correct pressure washer

Many pressure washer brands are spread across the globe due to the popularity of the devices. These devices brought ease to the world of cleaning, and as such, many people want to buy creating a high demand and great business opportunity. So you have many options to buy or 3ent your pressure washer. However, you have to be very wary when making that choice. Ensure you have the right pressure washer for the pressure washing of a car. There are some parts in your car that can withstand some form of force, but there are other parts that are not built for such forces. It is therefore your duty to balance the force required and make a perfect choice – one that will clean thoroughly without damaging any part.

Choose nozzle correctly

Colors are generally used to depict aesthetics. But when it comes to pressure washer nozzles, different colours are communicating the intensity of the pressure. We have many pressure washer nozzle colors, including white, yellow, red, black, and green. It is your duty to confirm the color that is right to wash your car and pick it. As much as possible, the intensity of the nozzle for your car should not be more than 25 degrees.

Park your vehicle spaciously

The force coming from a pressure washer can sometimes be too much regardless of the nozzle. The only way to reduce this force is to leave a distance. That way, the water will come with force, but that pressure will reduce before it hits the surface of the car. Therefore, ensure you leave enough space when washing a car with a pressure washer.

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