Angle-winged and heart shape customizable necklace

by Patrick Nelson

Ineffabless Angle-wing custom pendant for loved ones 

This sterling silver namenskette neckpiece is available in three beautiful shades- silver, gold and rose gold. The angle wings open to a heart-shaped slot where buyers can get a picture customized. The product weighs 8.8 g and has a height of 16mm and a thickness of 5.5mm. The product is handmade and takes 3-5 days. It is a perfect gift that symbolizes love, respect and care towards the one who receives it.

Return and Shipping Related Structure

Personalized items bought from Ineffabless cannot be returns or exchanged due to any personal reasons. However, goods that are received in a defective state can be exchanged or refunded. Customers can contact Ineffabless through their website to obtain the return address. They accept such requests within 90-days of dispatch. In case of damaged goods due to poor handling or environment, Ineffabless does not take return or refund requests. 

This company ships to almost all parts of the world. Shipping cost and time taken may vary based on the restrictions or distance. All orders are shipped from warehouses in China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Customers who need the product urgently can opt for DHL Express delivery which takes 3-5 days for delivery, others can go for standard delivery which may take up to 15 days based on the customer’s location. Shipping for orders over 69 Euros is free.

Customer Reviews on picture slot pendant

This angled winged necklace by Ineffabless has received a 5-star rating from its buyers. They’ve appreciated the quality of the product as well as the customization. Along with this, most customers were satisfied with the smooth communication between the consumer and retailer and prompt delivery.

Silver medallion Ineffabless heart-shaped custom pendants 

Ineffabless silver medallion necklace is made up of 925 sterling silver. It is 19mm in height and width. The necklace weighs 8.2 g and has beautiful detailing on the borders of the heart-shaped pendant. This piece of personalized jewelry is a perfect option for gifting and comes with a gift box too. To customize the order, the customer can upload their picture and adjust it the way that suits their preference. Maintaining Ineffabless jewelry items is also very easy, the user can simply wash it lightly in lukewarm water with a mild detergent.

FAQs for picture slot pendant buyers

Several frequently asked questions about Ineffables jewelry are, 

  • What is 925 silver? 925 silver is the one that has 92.5% silver and the rest alloys like copper that strengthen the silver.
  • Worldwide shipping and catalogues- Yes, Ineffabless hips globally to almost all the countries of the world and they do not send their catalogues. Their products can only be viewed online.
  • Maintenance of the jewelry- These jewelry pieces can easily be cleaned by cleaning them softly with some lukewarm water and mild detergent. If there’s stubborn dirt or dust, one can soak the piece in soapy water for 10 minutes. Storing the jewelry in an airtight space prolongs its life.

Payment and Contact details

Ineffabless accepts all major credit and debit cards. PayPal can also be used for payment. Customers can easily reach out to them via their website; write reviews or send return requests. They can also find their service email and address on the website itself.

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