Steps To Follow When Doing A Lace Front Wig Installation

by Patrick Nelson

Lace frontal wigs are popular among many women today due to their versatility and natural-looking features. Properly installing a ginger wig ensures you are comfortable, and you can get a natural, perfect look. Here is a wig installation process to make you a wig master.

How do you install a wig?

Installing a frontal wig for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is necessary to look for wig installation guides to ensure you do it right Wig installation will not be such a hard task for you if you follow these guidelines:

1. Preparation

To free the wig installation area from oils, you need to thoroughly wash your hair and scalp with shampoo and warm water. If you are pressed for time, you can cleanse your front hairline with a liquid with 70% alcohol. Then spray a scalp protector on the head to form a barrier between your scalp and the adhesive.

2. Trim the lace

You should only do this step when you are installing the wig for the first time. What’s more, you do not need to do it if the manufacturer already trimmed the lace. Apply the wig on your head to trim the unit and fasten wig hair away from your scalp using clips. Using a pair of scissors, you should cut any lace that passes the wig hairline. If you want to trim the lace effectively, cut small pieces of lace at a time. Ensure you do not accidentally cut wig hair.

3. Clean the installation area

Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the skin around your hairline to eliminate extra adhesives and body oil. These elements may make it hard for the wig adhesive to stick appropriately and may turn white.

4. Apply adhesive

Apply your gel or any of your edge control products using your fingers to lay down your edges. Use a small cosmetic brush to apply a little amount of adhesive to your hairline. If the adhesive is the soft bond, you should not install the wig immediately rather, wait till the glue becomes tacky. On the other hand, if are using hard bond adhesive, you can apply the wig immediately because this glue type bonds faster.

5. Attach the unit

Hold the wig in the appropriate position and secure it on your hair using wig combs. Avoid excessive pulling as it may cause rippling.

6. Position the wig on your head

To find the wig’s front center, part the hair on the unit to see the hairline. The mid part of the wig hairline should be in line with the center of your forehead at the hairline. Press down the edge of the wig against the glue until it attaches to your hairline. Then style the wig as you wish.

Last thoughts

Depending on the wig type you will choose, the installation process will be different. With this guide, you will know the basics of frontal lace wig installation, from cutting the front wig to securing and installing it. Just like that, you will have established your wig and obtained the fabulous look you desire

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